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Ranking of the world's recognized top ten greatest inventors   chatgpt   2023-07-15  

Every inventor we know has made a great contribution to humanity, and the things we use now cannot do without the efforts of inventors. Let's take a look at who the ten greatest inventors in the world are.

1. Cai Lun

Nationality: Chinese

Occupation: Eunuch, inventor

Cai Lun was born in 601 in a family of blacksmiths who engaged in smelting and casting at the foot of Dachu Mountain in the early Eastern Han Dynasty. His ancestors were blacksmiths. I have been very interested in the surrounding production and living environment since childhood, such as smelting, casting, hemp planting, and sericulture. Cai Lun, a young scholar, has learned a lot. In 105 AD, Cai Lun presented paper to the Emperor He of Han, and was praised by the emperor. He ordered the imperial court to use and promote it inside and outside the world. The government offices of the court and all parts of the country were regarded as miracles. Moreover, Cai Lun's improved Papermaking spread to the whole world along the Silk Road through Central Asia and Western Europe, making indelible contributions to the inheritance and development of world civilization, For thousands of years, it has been highly respected by people and revered by paper workers as the founder and god of papermaking.

2. Wright brothers

Nationality: United States

Occupation: Inventor

The Wright brothers are two famous inventors in the United States, and are inventors of aircraft. They have had a strong interest in mechanical assembly and flight since childhood, engaged in the bicycle repair and manufacturing industry, and have been enthusiastic about flight research since 1896. After conducting several studies and experiments on manned gliders over the Kitty Hawk dunes, their dream finally came true.

3. Bi Sheng

Nationality: Chinese

Bi Sheng was an inventor of China's ancient times, and also the inventor of Movable type, the the Four Great Inventions of China. Born around 970, he was a printing shop worker at the beginning, specializing in manual printing. In his printing practice, he knew the difficulties of Woodblock printing, carefully summarized the experience of predecessors, and invented Movable type. The method he used, Shen Kuo, is specifically recorded in "Mengxi Bi Tan".

4. Franklin

Nationality: United States

Occupation: American politician, physicist, social activist

Franklin was born in 1706. He was one of the important leaders in the American Revolutionary War, participated in the drafting of many important documents, and served as the U.S. ambassador to France, successfully winning French support for American independence. The Lightning rod that we are familiar with and widely used is its invention. It has great personal abilities.

5. Edison

Nationality: United States

Occupation: inventor, physicist, entrepreneur

Edison was a famous American inventor who was unable to attend school due to family difficulties and could only be taught by his mother. He is recognized as the greatest inventor in the world, and the number of items he invented is currently unbeatable. He has made so many inventions in his eighty-four years of life. He has always been persistent and dedicated to making inventions. In addition to his inventions and contributions in Phonograph, electric light, telephone, telegraph, film, etc., he also has many creations and insights in mining, construction, chemical industry and other fields. He has made great contributions to human civilization and progress.

6. Watts

Nationality: UK

Occupation: inventor, scholar

Watt is an English inventor. He is the inventor of the Steam engine. He concentrated on the invention of the Steam engine for more than 20 years. His invention promoted the development of productivity, advanced science, and accelerated the process of history. Later, in honor of him, people named the unit for calculating power watt.

7. Tesla

Nationality: United States

Tesla was born in 1856 and invented the AC motor. Then he founded Tesla Electric Company, engaged in the production of alternators, motors, and transformers, and conducted high-frequency technology research, inventing high-frequency generators and high-frequency transformers. In 1889, he conducted a high-voltage transmission experiment from Colorado Springs to New York in Colombia, USA.

8. Da Vinci

Nationality: Italy

Occupation: painter, engineer, scientist

Da Vinci was a famous Italian painter who believed in science and disliked religion. He was also one of the most outstanding representatives of the Renaissance period. In addition to being a painter, he is also an architect, engineer, inventor, etc. He is one of the few fully developed scholars in the world. He has a sketch of the aircraft, which is made of materials from the time such as wood and canvas. On both sides of the aircraft are a pair of membranous wings with a structure and shape similar to bats or pterosaurs. These wings can extend their wings up to 11 meters.

9. Antonio Meucci

Nationality: Italy

Occupation: Inventor

Antonio Meucci is known as the father of the telephone. He began his research on the telephone in 1840 and finally completed his invention nine years later. He studied fine arts when he was young. At first, he worked as a stage technician in the Pergola Theater. He studied mechanical engineering design at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze.

10. Galileo

Nationality: Principality of Florence

Occupation: scientist, astronomer, physicist, engineer

Galileo was an Italian astronomer and a world-renowned physicist. His significant achievements in the field of science angered the Pope and his followers. After Galileo wrote the scientific masterpiece "Dialogue between Two World Systems," the church finally revealed its ferocious face and sent Galileo to prison. He has played a very important role in the history of world science and physics.

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